Drones 101: Start Here

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Drones 101: Start Here

Thank you for visiting DroneDefinition.com! We share daily information about how drones are being used and changing the world today.

New to our site? Maybe you’re new to drones in general. Read this Drones 101 primer to quickly get up to speed on the hottest topics surrounding today’s drones.

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What is a Drone?

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) known today as drones come in many forms and have many uses. The stuff formerly dreamt of in science fiction is here!

>> Read our “What is a Drone” primer to get a basic understanding of today’s drone definition.

“Don’t Call Them Drones!” Three Alternative Names for Drones

The commercial drone industry wants to distance itself from the drones used by the military. As such, they’ve developed some new names to describe their products.

>> See the three most commonly-used names for drones today.

Five Legal Questions about Drones

With all the amazing commercial possibilities for drones to change how we live our lives, inevitably will come questions about ownership, rights, privacy, and the law. Drone law is mostly undeveloped. You can bet there will be a lot of debate around the creation of the rules that will govern drone use.

>> Review the five legal questions about drones.

What Do Drones Look Like?

Our quick visual guide of the different types of drones will give you an eyeful.

>> See our “What Does a Drone Look Like” primer.

8 Most Influential People in Drones

We have listed eight influential innovators and thought-leaders in the areas of media, business, the law, and politics. 

>> Read 8 Most Influential People in Drones.

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